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 In her famous teaching of “little way”, St. Therese said, “God does not expect that we all do great things, but only that we do little things with great love.”

How do we do little things with great love? I think to live and love each present moment is a good starting point. The present moment is the very true reality of life. Once this moment slips by, it never comes back. Therefore, giving our best to each moment is a good response to God’s call, a little way to remain faithful. I write this down to remind myself. Most of the time I don’t consciously think about this; therefore, I could easily let the precious moment go by without giving it a meaningful attention or simply allowe it to be wasted.

 It will be nice if I am supposed to cook dinner, I cook it with love. If I am supposed to clean the house, I clean it gladly. If I am supposed to listen to a friend or relative, listen with patience, even she has already repeated herself multiple times. If I am to pray, pray with attention, not distraction. If I am to perform a dreadful task, do it without procrastination. If I am to exercise, just keep on moving, not keep on thinking about quitting …….

The story of Martha and Mary comes to my mind. Sitting under Jesus’ feet, Mary was enjoying her present moment with the master. Martha, instead of preparing dinner with love, complained. If only Martha took a different perspective – let the fact that Jesus was near in the house to comfort her, and did her chores happily for Jesus’ sake, wouldn’t it be all better? She could still enjoy the conversation and listening at the dinner table.

The Bible says, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Clinging to God and doing things in his presence make it all easier. Knowing Jesus is with me can bring me better patience. I want to remain faithful to each moment of life, to consciously live and love it.


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